Hold My Hand Or Else!




(Puffin Penguin) 

There are now eight SHORTS  

In Footy Shorts, Lennie Lewis is  unfortunately not a star player like Calvin Calamari.

Board Shorts is a story about a boy called Pup and his dad Mad Dog Morgan  who go on a surfari to surf top waves

Boxer Shorts is about peer pressure and doing stuff that you want to do but you know you'll get into BIG TROUBLE.

Dirty Shorts is about a roller-blading gang and they need a new member if they are to outwit the Razors.

Holey Shorts is about a boy's lucky shorts that he is out-growing. What if his luck changes?

Stinky Shorts is about dares and what happens when you do a dare to ride down Deviation Hill on an out-of-control bike!

Licorice  Shorts (it was going to be called Licorice All Shorts) is about a boy who runs a candy stall at the Show.

Bike Shorts is about a boy called Ben who is forced to do a paper round, his friends and what happens when he meets a dog with a farting problem. 

There is also one BIG book  containing the first six books, called COOL SHORTS.

Brief Shorts is what I hope to write next! Watch this space.


Pulling the Moves


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