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There are eight books in the series and they are all really funny. They are published by Penguin Books. I got the idea from my own Primary school in Geelong where I went as a kid. It's called Manifold Heights Primary School and we nicknamed it MANNO. The kids still call it Manno today! Now you know that there are these characters in your own school. There's the kid who dobs, the kid who always moans, the greedy kid, the sneaky kid, the TP (teacher's pet), so what I did was take the characteristics of kids I went to school with and made up stories.


His real name was Kevin but I couldn't call a book Kinky Kevin, could I? Anyway I called him Warren in the book. He was always worrying and fretting about germs, teachers, other kids and natural disasters. He sat up the back with the window open ready to leap out if the school caught on fire.


She was left handed and years ago the teachers would tie kids' left hands behind their backs and make them write with their right hands. So poor Butterfingers was confused and dropped things all the time.


He was a child genius and about ten times brighter than the teachers. I think he's now a professor in a university. I always tried to bribe him to do my homework.


You may have a bossy kid in your class. Britt was so bossy that the other kids hated her. In fact she was almost a bully. You had to do what she said - or else!


She was a very large girl who fell in love with this tiny guy called Horace Morris. She spent every playtime chasing him round the school ground trying to kiss him. When she walked across the room to sharpen her pencil the school shuddered on its foundations.


He practically had a periscope growing out of his head. He spent the whole time trying to copy everyone else's work, copied other ideas, copied how other kids dressed and what they ate for play lunch. He didn't have an original thought in his head.


This is about Boldani, the toughest kid in the school. He drove the teachers nuts when we went on excursions. At the zoo he fell in the platypus tank, he frightened the ostriches, terrorised the gorilla and we all got chucked out of the zoo except Boldani who managed to miss the bus.


Now she was a real pain in the butt. All she ever did was moan about the work, the weather, and the rest of the world. And also she was the world's biggest dob artist. If you sat near her you had to wear ear plugs so you couldn't hear her moaning all the time. (She also did smelly farts).

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